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XERO's newest addition: Hubdoc

Looking to skip the tedious data entry and filing? Hubdoc is the software for you.

Hubdoc is a data capture software solution that is used to streamline your business processes. With Hubdoc, manual bookkeeping tasks like data entry and document collection are automated, making bank reconciliation and financial document management a breeze.

How it works

1. Download the Hubdoc application on your mobile device or computer

2. Upload your document via

o Mobile device: Snap a photo of your business documents with the App

o Computer: simply upload the document onto the App

3. Hubdoc’s machine learning will be used to extract key data and automate data entry

4. Information and document will be electronically filed

Other features

Hubdoc pulls and stores not just your incoming bills but past bills as well, storing everything into one secure hub. More importantly, Hubdoc allows for collaboration, where you are able to give varying levels of access to bookkeepers, accountants or colleagues and fret not about losing information as documents can be automatically backed-up.

Why Xero?

With Hubdoc’s seamless integration with Xero, you have the option of automatically populating the data and attaching the source document to the corresponding transaction in Xero’s bank feed, helping you to achieve one-click reconciliation and audit-proofed books.

As of March 18, 2020, businesses that are on Xero’s plans will automatically be connected to Hubdoc.

Contact us for more information about Hubdoc and Xero!

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