Government Grants

There are many grants offered by IMDA to assist businesses registered in Singapore in their digital transformation journey.

Which is the most popular IMDA grant?

One of the most popular grants is known as Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) launched in 2018.

Productivity Solution Grants support 80% from 1 April 2020 to 21 March 2022 of the total project costs.  The total project costs for pre-scope packages include IT solution /1 year software licence, training, consultancy and equipment services. 

The grant criteria and application has been simplified to facilitate grant application. The criteria for Productivity Solution Grants are simple and easy to understand.

Many businesses have already utilised PSG grants for online accounting solutions as these are basic core digital solutions to kick off the digital journey for businesses.

PSG Grants for Xero or PSG Grants for Quickbooks Online are the most popular PSG packages adopted by businesses. Since 2019, Abundant Accounting has already successfully helped more than 300 businesses to migrate and implement Quickbooks Online and Xero solutions. Our professional IT and accountants have also trained and helped many businesses to adopt Quickbook or Xero Digital Solutions.

What are you waiting for? The 80% PSG grant application expires in early 2022.  Email us or whatapp us to find out more


Most popular SME Grants 


Enjoy up to 80% government subsidies when you engage us for implementation and migration to Xero and Quickbooks Online accounting softwares.

Eligible companies can receive a one-off S$10,000 credit to cover up to 90% out-of-pocket expenses or remaining unfunded PSG costs.

By engaging us as approved management consultants, eligible companies can enjoy government subsidies of up to 80%