InvoiceNow Packages up to 80% grant & $200 cash*

What is InvoiceNow?

InvoiceNow is the ability to send an invoice digitally between the different accounting systems of business suppliers and customers.

Unlike traditional invoicing which requires a paper or PDF invoice, the invoice is automatically sent to the customer’s accounting system through a secure network. The invoices are then automatically populated into the expense module of the customers eliminating tedious data entry

This means businesses do not need to handle anymore paper or PDF invoices

Benefits of InvoiceNow

Improve Efficiency

  • Avoid error-prone manual data entry

  • Streamline processes

Get Paid Faster
  • Invoice delivered immediately

  • Results in faster invoice processing, validation and payment times

Reduce cost
  • No more printing of paper invoices

  • Easy storage and retrieval online

How to set up InvoiceNow in Xero

Step 1

Visit the Invoici site and navigate to the integration page. ( and click Connect to Xero

If you would like to know more InvoiceNow, click here and our consultant will contact you.

*subjected to InvoiceNow registration grant terms and conditions

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