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Abundant InvoiceNow | PSG XERO/QuickBooks Online Accounting Solutions

Enjoy up to 80% government subsidies with Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) ! Are you still using PDF invoices? Are you still manually entering invoice data into your accounts?

Singapore's IMDA Peppol InvoiceNow E-invoicing Statistics
Source: IMDA, Feb 2021

Move Fast to improve your business with InvoiceNow and save up to 80% with PSG! With InvoiceNow (previously PEPPOL E-invoicing), a nationwide E-invoicing method based on PEPPOL, you can streamline your transactions and focus on the more important tasks. And yes, PEPPOL is international!

Many businesses are already using PDF E-invoices and have benefitted greatly from it. While these invoices are a massive upgrade from paper invoices, what if there is an easier and more effective invoicing method?

IMDA InvoiceNow helps improve business efficiency and streamline transactions
Source: IMDA, June 2021

To give you a brief overview of InvoiceNow, you can directly transmit your invoices in a structured digital format from one finance system to another without human intervention as long as both the sender and the recipient are registered on the PEPPOL network. For more, watch InvoiceNow video, courtesy of IMDA.

No more tedious manual data entry of invoices you’ve spent hours on! Reduce human error, improve efficiency while also reducing storage, retrieval and delivery costs.

Call us at 8161 6293, 9776 2954, 9018 1833, click on our website or contact me!

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Austin Abrams
Austin Abrams
Nov 11, 2022

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